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I finished Orbiting the Giant Hairball and loved it. Gordon MacKenzie is wise man and a great storyteller. But beyond the writing, the little doodles and artwork throughout the book really grabbed me. Of course, I had thought that Mr. MacKenzie was his own illustrator. And I was so impressed by that. But upon finishing, I discovered the attributions section, and I was wrong. He was only responsible for two illustrations. The majority of them belonged to a woman named Meg Cundiff.

Who's Meg?

As you read Hairball, it's Gordon's tale of corporate creative conflict during his tenure at Hallmark - you know, the greeting card company. He never mentions Meg by name in the book other than in the credits.

Enter Google. It turns out that Meg too works (worked?) for Hallmark as an illustrator. And Meg was involved as an illustrator for a kid's book and another kid's book. She's also featured in a Fast Company article, highlighting the importance of sabbatical. She lives somewhere in the vicinity of Kansas City.

I found another person who enjoyed the book and who is an illustrator/artist. Very free-spirited. Visiting her site reminded me of a woman I once dated who was an artist and painted her car and other objects in her house. No rules, no convention.

I love these kinds of connections that you can find, just going off to explore curiosity. There's a lot more to books than just the story and words... in fact, there might even be more story behind the book.


Tags: books
by Brett Rogers, 8/11/2005 6:36:42 AM


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