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Tables Turned


I've argued for a while that it's our children that will inherit and have to pay off these massive deficits. I was worried about it during the Bush years and railed on Bush for it. I was worried about it when Obama first came into office, and the debt ceiling just grows and grows because they're just spending and spending.

Fascinatingly, agreed with me back then, and even created the above ad. But of course, no such worries when Obama is office. They could just as easily swap Bush's name in that commercial with Obama's, and it's just as true. But they won't - it's a partisan thing.

Me - debt is not a partisan thing. It's a "save my children's future" thing. At least when a Republican is in office, the press cares about such things. Not so when a Democrat is in office. Maybe we should all vote Republican just so that there's a public accountability required of our president by the media, eh?


by Brett Rogers, 2/5/2012 8:07:19 AM


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