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Crossing My Fingers


Tonight is a big 247Toolset night. I'll explain more tomorrow, but now that it's getting into commercial venues, and now that it's in its second university, the future looks like it could be busy.

ETC: Last night, 247Toolset was used by Prom DSM, an prom fashion show.

Why in the world would they use 247Toolset, which is an organizational productivity suite?

We (Jonathan and I) wrote a technology piece last summer that allows for text messaging to a 247Toolset portal. Through 247Toolset, you can declare what we call "text words," which are single words, such as "kindle," that people can text to the web site. Upon doing so, it will either recognize your cell number from having texted the web site before, or it won't, in which case it will create a new account for you when you do.

This gives the administrator all of the cell numbers for those who text, and it allows for interaction from a hand-held device. And it allows for things like voting, polling, etc.

Based on a couple of requests that they made, we extended that functionality to allow for what we call "text phrases" - anything not a recognized "text word" was simply put into a queue and managed by an admin to screen what was put forth to be displayed.

Last night, they used a big projection screen to have this at the front of the event:

What you see there is what was actually on screen. Imagine hundreds of teenagers having their texts pushed to a central screen for everyone.

Now imagine sporting events, conferences, etc.

Of the 324 people who texted their portal last night, we accurately captured 282 of the people, which is a success rate of 87%. We can see what we need to do to address those we missed, but the event hosts are quite pleased, and will be pushing this to colleagues of theirs. As I was asked earlier today after the event, "And after paying my $280, I can continue to use this for the rest of the year?"

Yes, she can. She then said that she intends to use this in Chicago for an event soon.

Our server took in over 5,000 text messages and never broke a sweat.

Cool night.


by Brett Rogers, 2/3/2012 4:37:40 PM


This is super cool! Good job Brett!



Posted by Annette (, 2/6/2012 7:45:32 AM

Thank you, Annette :)

We are pretty darned excited...



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 2/6/2012 8:03:02 AM

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