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Maine Shore (Watercolor)


I'm about halfway done. Maybe less. But I hate my scanner. It darkens part of the picture.


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Tags: my painting
by Brett Rogers, 8/9/2005 9:19:46 PM



I am happy to see you back at it!



Posted by Anonymous, 8/10/2005 8:59:47 AM

When at the Art Institute in Chicago I was reminded how only the originals have the right colors. I'm sure your original is beautiful (although I think the digital version looks great so far!)



Posted by red fish, 8/10/2005 10:27:24 PM

Do you have some editing software that can tweak the colors for you? I use GIMP to get it to be closer to the original.

Nice work, BTW. Glad to see you at it again. : )



Posted by GradualDazzle, 8/11/2005 11:34:15 AM

Thanks everyone :)

I've been shopping more expensive scanners and I'm thinking that I'll get a better one in September. It's just too much for my HP scanner.

Kris, I'll check out GIMP... thanks!



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 8/11/2005 11:41:19 AM

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