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Verizon 4G


We're a Verizon family and here in central Iowa, Verizon recently took us to 4G. It was at that time that several problems began to occur.

A while back, I bought a network extender. It works worked great by using our Internet to do clean VOIP. But it turns out that the network extender doesn't do 4G.

I bought the network extender because the dude in the glasses had never been to our former house, where call signal wasn't reliable. Since we've moved, the call signal improved slightly, but that was a moot point since I had the network extender. Then 4G came along...

We now live on the outskirts of the Des Moines area, and so my phone was constantly switching between 3G and 4G. As a result, my phone conversations have been a bit rocky and several have just flat out dropped.

So after some research, I set my phone to do CMDA only, and not CMDA/LTE. The result? 5 bars in my home again.

We also noticed that our texts were not always going out. Tamara has had this problem a lot. I think we're going to do this with all of our phones.

And if Verizon catches this post, like LG caught my cell phone art posts, y'all need to figure this out. For the amount of money we're spending for our five smartphones, unlimited calling plan, and MiFi, we deserve better for the money we pay.


by Brett Rogers, 12/3/2011 8:53:33 AM


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