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Every once in while, I look at the Days Alive calculator on my web site here and I think of the lives represented by the numbers.

Think of all that goes into a day - from the time you wake up, get dressed, work, lunch, office chatter, emails, drive, conversations, dinner... really think about those individual moments in any given day.

Now look at the Days Alive list in the upper right corner of my site. Think of what's represented by those numbers.

That's where I go with that. Each of us, making decisions and choices, going about our business the best we know how to do. Almost half a million times, someone has wondered how many days they have been alive, as captured here on my site. That blows my mind.

Some choices are irrevocable - they lead us down a path that forever shapes our lives. Prior to those choices, we ruminate on the spectrum of possibilities before us, and based upon a criteria usually unknown to most, we flip that switch and forward we move - decision made.

Decisions, I think, are mostly lonely.

Each of us has this colorful and elaborate soul hidden from view from the rest of the world, and we reveal it only to a few who either are paying attention or to those who we force it upon. But few see it, and what they do see is a narrow view, limited by the time in which we can reveal ourselves and by the words and gestures available to us.

We, I think, are mostly lonely.

Occasionally, we consider our lives and the impacts and meanings we have. A friend of mine calls this "Continued Relevance." I think my Days Alive calculator captures a good number of people in those reflective moments.

It makes me remember that right now is all I have. Right now, I'm either assisting my relevance in this life, or I'm not. Time wasted... what a horrible, horrible thing.

I'm reminded to squeeze the utmost out of every moment, which is what I must do with every choice and decision. How do I spend my time? Because, after all, it is exactly that - my time - spent alone, going about my business as I choose, from the time I wake up, get dressed, work, lunch, chat with co-workers, email, drive, conversations, dinner...


by Brett Rogers, 12/2/2011 5:24:19 AM


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