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Apple Comedy


Silly me.

I thought I could take my Apple server to the Apple Store so that an Apple Air Port wifi card could be installed by Apple technicians.

Nope. They don't do that.

I have to go to another place for that.

And they didn't tell me this yesterday when I dropped it off. They didn't call me to tell me this today. I called to check on the status of my order and then I'm told this.


Between this and the complete data loss on my iPad during Apple's iOS upgrade, I have to laugh pretty hard at those who suggest that the products are superior and customer-friendly.

Yeah... whatever :)

ETC: I ordered the Air Port card from Amazon, got it in the mail today, and I go into the Apple store today, which is incredibly crowded, of course. I explain my story to someone who's been there a while, and ask if I have the right card - because it's so small, it looks like it belongs in a laptop, not a server.

"Yes, that's the right card. Would you like me to install it for you?"

"But I thought you can't..."

"You're right - we can't. But I've personally installed a lot of those and I'll be glad to do it for you for the inconvenience you've had."

And so he did. Great customer service, and I'm suitably impressed.


by Brett Rogers, 11/30/2011 10:03:51 AM


Ouch! And I'm still waiting for the new IOS 5.0.2 upgrade for my iPhone 4S that is supposed to fix the battery drain problem that makes it as crappy as a Droid. Seeing how well the 5.0.1 upgrade worked I'm not holding my breath.



Posted by Pale Rider, 12/1/2011 10:49:52 PM

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