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At some point in an entrepreneur's business path, there comes a time when you stop wearing all of the hats, and you move to a front office role. I may or may not be near that point, but it's something you have to plan for, or else you become a victim of your own success. No one can always do it all, and of all the changes that take place in a business, this transition is the most brutal. Here's why:

The business thus far succeeded because the entrepreneur carried out the roles in the business with the personality and great care that he or she did. When the business expands, handing the reins for one or more of those critical roles over to a successor and trusting them to carry on as the entrepreneur did is a risk. It it's not successful, that critical pillar of the business proves weak enough to sometimes take down the entire business.

The entrepreneur has to know what role to which he or she is best suited, and whether it's the front office or the back office, that's where they should stay while maintaining an awareness of the entire operation.

For me personally, I've played out the scenarios in my head. I think I've landed on me being the front man for the business. The reason is that I place a great deal of emphasis on listening and perceiving the needs of customers. I understand the market for 247Toolset better than most others could, although I know one person who might get it and I've talked to him about being in that role of CEO. (I would remain Founder, which is my given title, and gives me flexibility without diminishing a CEO.)

So I don't know how this will play out. 247Toolset continues to gain traction, and I expect it will move into a firm position in the national marketplace in the next year. If that happens, this important transition will occur and I'll have big decisions to make.


by Brett Rogers, 11/24/2011 9:34:46 AM


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