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Fence Update


We got the entire fence built, save for the gates. The red line marks where the fence went up, and just in time before winter hit. All in all, about 320' of 6' privacy fence encasing about a quarter acre. Quite a project it's been. Mojo and Dochas can now go out and not get into our neighbors' yards.

What's funny is that my body is not at all accustomed to work like that, but it's nice to flex the muscles a bit and accomplish a huge task. The kids were a big help. Tate helped me auger nearly all of the holes. Aaron helped with carrying the myriad materials around and mixing / pouring cement. Tess helped with, well, just about everything. Austin and Jacob got in the act by helping move tools and materials to where we needed them. Semi-adopted child Arianna helped a lot in the early stages. Yesterday, even Tyler gave us some assistance, which was cool.

We saved about $4,000 by doing it ourselves, and we have the satisfaction of a big DIY project. Bill, who lives across the street from us, kidded me yesterday when I was temporarily enclosing one of the gates with a spare wooden pallet so that the yard was closed for the dogs.

"The fence looks nice, but your gate didn't quite come out right."

He'd been watching our progress and was surprised at our speed.

Later, he asked if we planned to change occupations, now that we knew what we were doing.

No. My career in fence work is over.


by Brett Rogers, 11/14/2011 6:14:21 AM


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