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On Herman Cain


I'm gonna give a bit of context before I get into L'Affaire Cain.

My children are being bankrupted by Washington politicians.

With that context, I notice that the media loves this Cain story. It's just the biggest thing in this election cycle. I guess because Rick Perry's rock wasn't a big enough deal.

I don't really care what Cain did or didn't do 15 years ago. Nor should anyone else. Whatever he did or didn't do hasn't robbed my children of one penny. Nor will it.

But Romney's liberal leanings will. Obama's policies are. Washington politicians can't stop spending.

I don't get social conservatives who care about this stuff. Politicians are, by definition, distasteful creatures. They have tremendous power over us. It used to be that we expected politicians to be dirtbags because that's what they were: self-aggrandizing gas bags. Few - and I mean few - politicians have ever been in it for selfless reasons.

So expecting a politician to be the very embodiment of Jesus is silly.

The only thing that matters is whether that politician is going to move the football down the field in the right direction for you. The left has that figured out, which is why they don't care how scandalous the behavior. Michelle can take endle$$ vacations at taxpayer expense - her husband brought about nationalized health care. Fast and Furious? Gitmo's still open? Big deal. Obama's a class warrior, baby. All is forgiven by the left.

But not the right... no sir. Herman Cain may or may not have made a pass at a few women? Gone. Never mind that he defends capitalism like few others are willing to do.

Ridiculous. The right will eat its young before enduring any depth of media heat.

The media will only allow for white men in the Republican party. Sarah Palin was hounded and ridiculed mercilessly over the most outrageous allegations - such as the birth of her baby, Trigg - in the media. And now 15 years later, and even after his run for the Senate in 2004, now - when he's high up in the polls - magically, four women come forward publicly, and they accuse him of making - horrors! - a pass at them.

Welcome to Chicagoland politics, everyone. You either get a new playbook and roughen up for the dirty fight ahead, or you get your butt kicked.

I'm betting that the latter happens. Too many ninnies on our side...


by Brett Rogers, 11/8/2011 5:03:57 PM


Just wanted to say thanks for taking them on at Hotair. I am not registered there, but have been an avid reader of the site since Michelle and Bryan started it. Lately the comments there have been troubling. I have tried to write it off as election year bickering but it has really bothered me at how quick everyone there is willing to tear down our candidates. The blog used to be a great place to go for forming my opinions on issues. I have pretty much stopped reading the comment section lately, but happened by today, and low and behold a cogent thought. I hope you will continue to weigh in. The next time there is a registration I plan on joining, hopefully to have a better dialog then has been the case of late. Thanks again!



Posted by Bryan (, 11/20/2011 3:02:00 PM

Thank you, Bryan, for the kind words.

You're very talented, by the way.



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 11/21/2011 6:27:45 AM

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