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I mentioned recently that the Tofino trip was in some ways life-changing. While a magical place, it wasn't Tofino per se. It was more the time with Tamara and the balance that was there.

Anyone who knows me knows that I work pretty much seven days a week. The schedule fluctuates, but you're as likely to see me up working on something at 2 AM as 2 PM. It's just the way my head operates. I haven't had a normal sleep schedule for a hell of a long time. And I don't think that's a bug... I think that's a feature. I am driven and I get excited about what I'm working on.

The change, which couples with our purchase of the new house, is a word I told Tamara while we were there:


For the past few years, I've spent a lot of time rightfully dissing Obama for peeing all over capitalism and American business and success. My goal, in my small way, was to wake people up. I get a few hundred people a day coming to my Days Alive calculator. I get emails from a few of them, so I know that they see the content. I get hits from around the web, and I think I get about 2,000 unique visitors a day. I've had a small measure of influence, coupled with my Tea Party efforts and volunteered marketing / strategy assistance.

Government should not be something we watch daily. In fact, that's why we have representatives in Washington - to represent us while we necessarily focus ourselves on our own business.

But the representatives stopped representing and we had to stop outsourcing the oversight of protecting our freedoms.

I think in the last week or two, Obama lost the 2012 election. Oh sure - plenty of things can happen between now and then. But he's toast, from my line of sight. And good riddance.

Herman Cain's surge and his unapologetic and unwavering stand for capitalism is the game winner. Yep - it's early. But just to tout my prognostication skills, I picked Romney early in the primary season of 2008 and I said - long before she was known by anyone outside of Alaska - that Sarah Palin would be his VP choice.

I was wrong about Romney, though he came close. Just as he will come close this time. But the architect of Obamacare won't win the GOP nomination.

I was, however, right about Sarah.

I worried about whether a pro-capitalism candidate would emerge. Sarah is very pro-capitalism, but isn't running. Romney and Perry are pro-corporate/business, but it's not the same as pro-capitalism. Cain is all for capitalism, advocates for it like few others do, and therefore I believe Cain will win the nomination. (Capitalism is about a free market, and freedom ultimately wins the hearts and minds of the audience.)

While I'm sure I'll write about politics on occasion, it won't be the near-monocular object of my site any longer. My fight is done - at least here. I'm gonna get back to being multi-faceted me. I'll go from (in effect) to

For the record, I'm tired of watching the government. I'm tired of politicians reaching too far into our lives. I want freedom, just as any reasonable and sane person does.

I'll be helping in other ways, but can return to its more personal nature.


by Brett Rogers, 10/10/2011 5:09:08 PM


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