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$4 trillion ago, President Obama took office. The economy fell into deep malaise as liberal economics were applied, and failed to spawn anything but retreat.

His answer now, more taxation. Supposedly, that's for "deficit reduction," but the Senate is already moving to increase the debt ceiling by a third of what would, in theory, be raised by these new taxes.

Raising taxes reduces the economy, which lowers incomes, which therefore lowers the income tax collected, which prompts the liberal economist to want to raise more taxes.

What's more less is that for all of his purported rhetorical flourish, he no longer has any influence. Zero.

Like everything in liberal economic theory, you spend and spend and spend on things meaningless and unfruitful, until you have no more to spend. And then you're spent and you have no resources remaining and there is no incentive for anyone to create new resources.

Leftists wanted a return to liberal economics. Ta-da! We have that today in all its glory. The rest of us want a return to sanity.

And for all the pining for Hillary lately, her domestic policies would be no different than Obama's. Her foreign policy might be better, but that wouldn't assuage the hurt in our economy. She's as economically liberal as he is.


by Brett Rogers, 9/19/2011 7:33:12 AM


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