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Regarding Hoffa's notion that "the workers of the world" need to take on the tea party...

I never understood the insistence of some in the union that management was always the problem. Management is, after all, the crew who finds the jobs that pay the wages of the workers. A lot of tea partiers are small business owners and medium-sized business owners. So I guess it follows that some in the union would oppose those who own businesses.

But if you attack and fight the owners and management of the companies who employ you, where does your paycheck come from? A business has a right to hire and retain those who won't cause trouble for the workplace. A business owner can either spend time finding work for the workers so that they can make living and take care of their families, or the business owner can be distracted and fight unnecessary battles internally to the detriment of the company's financial health.

Unions had a great start, uniting to save lives in dangerous work environments.

But the moment that a union worker stepped foot on a Carnival Cruise ship and took a seven-day excursion into the Caribbean with his family, paid for by the wages earned at the workplace started by the business owner, that was the moment when unions no longer had a purpose in fighting "the man."


by Brett Rogers, 9/6/2011 9:46:55 PM


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