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This will likely be our new neighborhood. I say "likely" because the appraisal isn't back yet, although it should be fine, and we need to hear that the last bit of paperwork for the loan is finalized - which should be the case. We will know in a couple of days.

We've been going through all of our things and throwing out stuff we don't want. We have a dumpster in our driveway for that reason. It's a serious cleansing. Including some furniture.

About half our things are boxed up and ready to go. And mentally, we're ready.

So why are we moving?

We've lived in our home since getting married, almost five years. We have our eight kids, constantly going in and out. We could use the space.

We've been watching the home market, and this is about as low as home prices and interest rates will go, we think.

But the catalyst is our neighbor, Julie. The woman is drunk half the time, and crazy. She has poured gasoline on our yard to kill the grass, threatened my son's car with a sledgehammer, harassed our guests when they're on the back deck... we've caught her moving our outdoor furniture around in our yard to suit her liking, she has bragged to our neighbors about turning our outside water on when we're not home to run our water bill up.

Good gravy - who wants to live next door to that?

And we're not the only ones. Her neighbors on the other side of her put their home up for sale because she harassed them and their baby girl. But after putting thousands of dollars into their home to get it ready for sale, they decided that they weren't going to be chased off.

We'd rather have the peace of our home that we deserve. So it's been a consensus of circumstances that makes it obvious to us - now is the time.

We'd looked at another home, and had a contract with the seller, but the home inspection failed and they had a back offer where the buyer would repair everything and buy at listed price. We weren't willing to do that. Thankfully, as you can see in the picture, our new place will be quite scenic, and while a little more money, much better for us and our needs.

So, we move toward the next chapter of our lives together.


by Brett Rogers, 9/5/2011 12:18:24 PM


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