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A drama critic is a person who surprises a writer by informing him what he meant.
-- Wilson Mizner


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It is now the case that I do 247Toolset demos not for one group or one person, but for several groups or people at a time.

Pending: 16+ organizations looking to congregate in the next two weeks for a large demo. One group has already bought, and another has committed to buy, and the momentum is there.

Further pending: if the demo goes as expected, I potentially have 30 more after that.

It's beginning to snowball.

My personal goal has always been to have 500 clients by the end of the year. Let's see how to make that happen...

Oh, and this is all word of mouth. Which leaves me to think that I may never have to spend one dime for marketing.


by Brett Rogers, 9/1/2011 6:46:24 PM


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