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Desire and Value


To have an economy, you need a flow of money. The greater the flow, the greater the economy.

Liberals will tell you that government stimulus is driven to increase the flow of money. The government chooses to spend money, they explain, and thereby increases the flow. Ta da! Jobs created, and so forth.


Not all spending is equal. I'll give you a clear example.

Let's say you have $300. And you can either buy a ridiculously discounted iPad or you can pay your vehicle tags due next month. Which would you rather do?

If you're like the vast majority of people, they'd rather buy the iPad. After all, the plate tags aren't due until next month.

Here's the kicker: if you buy the iPad, you'll do both - because once you buy the iPad (50% off!), you still need to purchase the tags.

After you pay for the iPad, you might need to make up for the absence in your wallet. You might work extra shifts, sell something, get a second job, etc. All of these increase the economy.

The tags - well, no matter what happens, you have to buy them and you don't relish the idea of driving to the county clerk's office to obtain them. Most people actually perceive it as an inconvenience.

But that iPad sale ends tomorrow night, and 10-1 says that you burn rubber to get to the store on time.

Desire for perceived value moves money around, and increases the economy.

The government - well, let's just say that no one is camping out in front of the federal building for their great anticipation of doing business there. Agreed?

Due to lack of desire and and lack of perceived value around what the government offers, money slows down when the government is involved.

But when businesses are free to innovate and create things that people crave, money speeds up.

All spending is not equal. Government slows down the economy when the government gets in the middle.

If you want a better lifestyle for you and yours, support the candidate more apt to speed up the economy. Hint: it's not the guy promoting bigger government.


by Brett Rogers, 8/12/2011 3:38:23 AM


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