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I have been a humour writer all my life, but when I was writing this novel, I said, 'Ah ha, because this is important, it can't be funny.' A great fallacy!
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More Than I Expected


To help with sales and training for 247Toolset, I bought an iPad.

I like it more than I expected I would. In fact, it's pretty much become a constant companion.

My only complaints:

1) A lack of podcast subscriptions in iTunes, but I downloaded Mediafly, and that's working.
2) Printing to my Epson Stylus is tough to do.
3) It doesn't charge via USB when connected to my laptop.

I got a hard leather case for it that allows me to set it up as a stand-up display.

Pretty cool.


by Brett Rogers, 8/6/2011 1:57:15 PM


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