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Two Administrations Lacking Principled Fiscal Leadership


Both parties are guilty of overridingly abiding by a single principle:

My party is good; the other party sucks
Nowhere is that made more evident than in trapping politicians in their own quotes - especially quotes from when their party was out of power.

Case in point, via Glenn Reynolds:

"We've got to get our fiscal house in order here in Washington. I'm not sure it's going to happen under the current leadership."
Who said that? Barack Obama in 2006. The national debt is over $4 trillion higher since that time, and $3.7 trillion of that during Obama's term in office.

Fiscal order is a solid principle. I love that he embraced it in 2006, and in fact, in 2006, I was pretty worked up about it too and skeptical that Bush was adequate to deal with it.

But evidently Obama didn't mean a word of it. He's telling us that he has no principle but what advances him - which is no principle at all.

That's too bad. We needed someone with principles and with a head for fiscal sense.


by Brett Rogers, 7/9/2011 12:59:17 PM


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