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As the Republicans test the presidential candidates running for nomination, there's a lot of talk about who can win.

Just to set it straight...

All this moderate / bi-partisan talk is utter crap. The President of the United States is a position of leadership. Leaders make decisions. They confidently blaze trails and everyone follows - if it looks like they're heading in the right direction.

Moderates, by definition, don't lead. They don't take positions decisively. They're rather renowned for not deciding and for waiting until the last minute to make a decision, and then usually half-heartedly.

The next Republican nominee needs to project confident leadership. Given the vast ideological difference between the two parties, being "bi-partisan" just means that you have no principles and that you haven't actually thought through where you stand on issues. Or it means that you want everyone to like you - which means you have no spine. That's not leadership.

Confidence attracts. Solidity of character attracts. Well-articulated leadership attracts. Proven principles that lead to success - they're attractive. Which is how to attract voters.

Not being able to make up your mind? Not attractive. Wanting everyone to like you? Not attractive.

As for any liberal who insists that bi-partisanship is critical, I'll ask them how much they spoke out against the Super Genius when he famously uttered, "I won."

There is no compromise to be made when national bankruptcy looms.


by Brett Rogers, 6/22/2011 7:12:50 AM


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