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Better For It


A little over a year ago, my trusted friend and business partner, Duane Goodwin, and I made a heavy decision to separate from our third partner. We didn't talk to too many people about the reasons, but I showed a bit of my cards in a blog post last March.

Another blogger in town, who benefited from the free service we provided through our startup, criticized our decision and said some pretty negative things about us at the time. I shrugged it off as an emotional response since he never bothered to learn more about our reasons by actually talking to us before criticizing us publicly.

Our separated partner helped to create WebCast One Live, and of course we emerged with Worldwide Amplified.

Today, we got notice that the other business is going through rough times. People have announced that they won't be broadcasting from it any longer, and - funny enough - the blogger is one of them and his reasons share similarity to some of our reasons.

Starting and investing in a business is hard stuff. Everyone involved in that project put everything they had into it and believed in it and nurtured it along. Our business model was different enough from theirs that there was plenty of room in the market for both of us, which we saw again and again over the last year.

I hope everyone who plugged into that venture is smarter and wiser and richer for the experience and the relationships gained through it all, and I wish them the best on whatever they do next.


by Brett Rogers, 5/7/2011 4:18:30 AM


Thanks for the kind words. I can't speak for others, but Webcast One gave me an oppurtunity to meet and work with many talented individuals. Some of those relationships will last a lifetime.
In the end, I have nothing but kind words for those who put their very best effort in such a unique platform. It's tough moving on, but I would not trade the experience for anything in the world.
Max, former WOL producer.



Posted by Max Crabb, 5/20/2011 2:21:34 PM

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