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Atlas Shrugged, Part I


I watched the Ayn Rand movie tonight. It was well done and stayed true to Rand's dialogue - which is a bit stilted at times to get its point across, but the point's worth it.

I invited my sons to accompany me, but no interest. Which meant that since my wife is in Minneapolis this week, I went solo.

The woman who played Dagny was great. The guy who played Rearden was good, too, but I expect to see more of her in other things.

More movies like this, please...

ETC: Talking with Jonathan about it, he brought up this parallel between Obama's doings and what occurs in the film. I mentioned that through several parts of the film, I thought about how prescient Ayn turned out to be. To which he said:

Which just goes to prove how obvious the consequences and solutions are once you have a firm grasp of validated principles.
So much of what's going on now was easily predicted. Grow government, and this is what you get.


by Brett Rogers, 4/20/2011 12:24:15 AM


We've got all of Liberty on the Rocks Des Moines chapter going to a showing tonight.

It had a small opening, so if we don't support the film with our ticket purchases, the Hollywood leftist propaganda machine will claim it's a flop because people don't agree with its politics.

But these are the facts: It made 1.6 mil opening weekend, despite showing in only 300 theaters nationwide; that's an average of $5,600 per theater. Only Rio and Scream 4, which were big budget heavily advertised films, earned more per theater.



Posted by The Warning (http://www/, 4/20/2011 8:50:48 AM

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