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Mo' Money


Via Prof. Reynolds:

THE STATE OF WISCONSIN HAS stopped withholding union dues from employee paychecks. And despite all the sound-and-fury, this is what the Democrats are really upset about. Plus this: "With the law now in effect and paychecks getting an increase since union dues are not being withheld, Democrats are the party arguing for a reduction in state worker paychecks."
If a person chooses to give their money to a union, more power to them. But forcing union dues deduction is theft, plain and simple. It's now up to the unions to prove that they're worth the freewill contribution, just like it's up to the rest of us to prove that our service or product is worth the money we ask.

Welcome to the free world, unions.

And as an aside, I wonder how many of those formerly-auto-deducted households will quietly be very, very grateful for the extra income.


by Brett Rogers, 3/29/2011 9:00:29 AM


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