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My Morning A-ha Moment


As I'm writing more functionality this morning in the events calendar, my own software caught me by surprise.

247Toolset has the ability to create private events that don't show up on the public calendar. When a person is logged into the system, they see the private events to which they have access.

I always thought of this as internal admin meetings among the group. But frankly, if I create a private event and issue no one access to the event but me, each person in the organization could use this as a personal events calendar.

Would they want to?

I had a conversation yesterday with someone who owns 247Toolset and they're looking at ACT as a contact management system in-house. She asked the question, "Could I just use 247Toolset for that?" Her reasoning, which has been a principle goal of the platform all along, is that it brings all of their information into one place.

There are a lot of cool tools out there, but never discount the beauty of simplified integration as a point of attraction.

Here's the thing: because 247Toolset actually allows those in my network to manage their own information for me, which makes it more accurate and less time-consuming, and because it's coming awfully close to a full-fledged contact management system, I think I have some interesting angles I can play here with just a bit more thoughtfulness as I code.

What's really blowing my mind: 247Toolset allows organizations to network their calendars together. That blend of personal calendars with organization calendars with niche community calendars... holy crap!

ETC: Here are some screenshots, if you'd like to see them. Just click.


by Brett Rogers, 3/25/2011 7:21:02 AM


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