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I've been wrestling with a need that's been expressed to me for some time, and today's development has led me to what I think is the answer. I won't say explicitly what the need is, but here's what seems like the answer:

A person should be able to create their own reality without the hindrance of others checking their homework. Because Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on have taught us one thing - which is at odds with reality - few people will publicly correct our homework.

Said another way, being part of a network shouldn't require that everyone agree with everyone's version of what's really going on. Everyone should be allowed their own version.

Today, after looking at 247Toolset, two people at the demo echoed comments that I've heard before - 247Toolset is like an organization having its own personal LinkedIn, but with functionality more targeted to an organization's needs.

It's got me thinking...


by Brett Rogers, 3/18/2011 6:14:28 PM


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