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Remember: Writing can get you fed to a lion whose teeth draw your whole face into its foul wet breath and cut your skull with knives. There's no soft way to put this. A black hole swallows you up. Willpower's no help. Getting in print is like beating cancer but losing a lung, staying in print is hopeless. Your best work goes begging.....Today's paragraph comes, a word from the heart of the universe, and shines in the darkness, unquenched. And you ask for power, wisdom, and love as you make the anvil sing.
-- Donald Newlove


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4 Sales, 3 Days


Sales are indeed accelerating, and interest is picking up with almost every interaction I have with people.

I gave a demo last night to 15 people. Afterward, 5 stepped forward and asked for my card. "My high school's marching band needs this..." and "My new start-up needs this to manage the people we're bringing on..." and "I work with hospitals and we could really use this..."

I gave a demo yesterday to a woman who bought it for her organization. We met at Panera. After I finished my demo, the woman at the adjacent table said, "I'm sorry, but I overheard what you have there, and before you leave, do you have time to show me your product?"

Where will it be a month from now? Even bigger :)


by Brett Rogers, 3/17/2011 10:14:44 AM


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