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Writing songs is as exhilarating as ever. I get a very satisfied feeling that I never get in any other part of my life. But most of the time you're walking around having little temper tantrums, waiting for it.
-- Paul Simon


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Failure Entertains


If it bleeds, it leads... goes the saying in the media.

Said another way, the media loves failure. Failure sells.

America's Funniest Home Videos and Wipeout chronicle the epic stumble. Most successful action movies showcase killing. When corporate titans and politicians fall from heights on high, it's front and center.

Failure is delicious. Kitchen Nightmares succeeds because you simply can't believe how filthy that walk-in cooler was. The nightly news covers disaster and mayhem more than anything else. YouTube loves Charlie Sheen and tsunami footage.

You gonna fail? Let me get my camera.


The better story is the climb to success. It used to be that we esteemed the person possessing competence and composure. Now we make heroes of those who make a peculiar "talent" of the public bellyflop and we shine unwanted light on victims of tragedy.

I wrote about something Frederick Douglass said long ago. His words are worth reading.


by Brett Rogers, 3/14/2011 7:34:55 PM


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