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Feet on the Desk


Today, I wrap up the RSVP functionality in 247Toolset's robust calendar of events / event management module. This going on while having to get two projects out for clients over the weekend...

But as I put this together, I have to consider every request I can recall from people about working with a calendar of events. The payments system won't come online until sometime in May, but other than that, there's the list of features requested:

  • Easy-to-enter recurring events
  • Cancellation management
  • Mass messaging attendees by email or text
  • Behind-the-scenes staffing and task management
  • Joining an organization's calendar to several others
  • Geographic and descriptive search
  • Restricting admin privileges to event entry only
  • Event capacity management
  • Allow for private and invitation-only events
All of that should be in the rollout on Monday.

In May, tiered payments will be allowed. Later, that payment system will work with the donation / fundraising module to be rolled out in August, which will integrate with events and email campaigns within 247Toolset.

To get to all of this - because it's a lot to consider - I have to do plenty of thinking. No coding, no anything - just what I call "feet on the desk" time.

To some, that might look like doing nothing. But in my head, scenario after scenario plays out, juxtaposed against the data schema, thinking through the usability of the system.

And I have to say that all of the effort is creating a mighty powerful calendar system. As I'm playing with and testing its capabilities, it does more than many calendars I've used. I'm excited to show off its features in future demos.

ETC: That was a thing. RSVP became pretty much a complete ticketing management system.

Off to bed, and early to rise...


by Brett Rogers, 3/12/2011 9:40:41 AM


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