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In the past year, my business energy has been spent in one of three places:

  • Contract web development for clients
  • Worldwide Amplified
  • 247Toolset
In these roles, I worked very hard to get things moving for each enterprise.

Going forward, I have to narrow my focus on one gig chiefly. WWA has a lot of people in it and will move forward on its own. Contract web development helps to pay the bills when it comes. But 247Toolset can only go forward if I put the majority of my energy into it, and I deeply believe in its purpose. For that reason, that will be my chief gig in the next year.

It's certainly absorbing all of my attention right now. Today, I'm making more efficient the organization/contact data gathered by the platform. Throughout the rest of the week, I'll be implementing the piece that tracks Projects / Job Orders.

After that, more work to integrate the Call Center with Projects and Resource Management.

My demos to the big non-profits went well, and I hope to establish solid sales in January. I'll make a lot of follow-up sales calls in the first week of January, by which I'll have a sense of how it's going.

Got a testimonial just before Christmas:

"I have found my entire experience with Brett Rogers and his 247Toolset to be easy, a pleasure, collaborative and responsive. Brett has a particular gift for understanding what it is that you want and need, and translating that into the software so that it is intuitive in nature. He works quickly, professionally, and personally. Brett is a very creative problem solver, and has a great way about communicating information and data. He has made contributions to our business in identifying additional sources of revenue, so his product will now be a sales tool, not just a database for us."
That'll definitely go into my future marketing literature :)


by Brett Rogers, 12/27/2010 1:37:34 PM


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