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I have three places where ideas get fleshed out for me: bed, bike, and bath. Taking a shower tonight after converting all of the 247Toolset sites to the current codebase, I realized that based upon conversations I've been having and the features I've been creating, 247Toolset is becoming an organizational productivity suite.

In the Call Center module, I built it so that despite misspelling someone's name, you can still find the person you need.

Rodgers will find Rogers.
Pierceson will find Pearson.
Johnson will find Jonassen.

You get the idea.

Creating ease of use and anticipating points of "failure" before they happen is hard, but worth it in the end.


by Brett Rogers, 12/19/2010 12:32:04 AM


Excellent feature! Let me know if you want a some free testing. My schedule should be pretty calm after the first of the year.



Posted by Annette (, 12/20/2010 11:03:29 AM

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