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Yesterday, I got a 99% yes from a politician. Answer Monday. He wants to use the upcoming email newsletter feature in 247Toolset. He has an email list of 16,000 people.

And I did a demo for a church last night that has over half a dozen sister churches nationwide. They want it locally, but we demo'd later last night to the executive director in Florida via GoToMeeting. This would be my first group sale.

I'm going to start pushing myself to aim for two demos per day, which will require some follow-up on the postcards that I sent this past week.

This weekend, I hope to finish the enhancement that allows the admins to record correspondence, create action items, and find resources to track the action item to completion.

I also got a call in the last week from one of my clients who needed to get a snail mailing list from 247Toolset, so I built that functionality into it as well.

The market's talking to me... I'm replying back as fast and as thoroughly as I can.

Oh - almost forgot. This same client that needed the mailing list is a recruiter in southeast Iowa. They told me in the last week that they want to move ahead and resell 247Toolset to economic development folks in a 75-county area. Might have a conversation about that this week, so I potentially have a few dozen sales from that.


by Brett Rogers, 12/11/2010 10:17:45 AM


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