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Chatting with the Market


So as my new clients for 247Toolset come on (got another one), the requests for tweaking comes in. Can it do this? Can it do that?

Some businesspeople resent that. Some businesspeople stiffarm that. But it's not much different than wearing a great sweater to a soirée and having the cute girl come talk to you. Something you did had enough appeal to attract conversation. Should that just be thrown away? That would be kinda dumb - to ignore such a conversation with the market. If the pretty girl starts talking about herself and her likes and dislikes, that kind of flow is a very good and lucrative thing. The smart businessperson encourages that discussion with a seductive, "Tell me more..."

That conversation is a form of brainstorming. If my response to the market is, "What if I did this? What if I did that?" then I am able to test the market's response to it. But if I don't engage in the conversation, I'll have no idea what I can do to help my product / service become more attractive.

How stupid would that be?

ETC: Question of the hour: how does a searching for someone to fill a contract position resemble searching for a volunteer to staff an event?

Answer: why, they're almost the same. At least from the data that's captured.


by Brett Rogers, 11/22/2010 6:45:19 PM


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