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At first they'll reject everything, particularly in your case. What you do is keep sending the same poems to the same people - after a decent interval, of course. After about the fourth of fifth time, they will actually have to read them, and they will hear a little bell ring that they'll call the shock of recognition, and they'll take one.
-- Richard Palmer Blackmur


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On Friday, I got my first purchase of 247Toolset at the $19.95 per month price tag. I meet with my new customer Monday at 10 AM, and it's a state legislator.

Earlier today, I created the mail pieces that will be sent to 1,000 non-profits and 1,000 politicians. Those will begin to be sent out by December 6th. I'll be interested to see what kind of response I get from the mailing. I've never tried postcards before, which is what this is.

In Des Moines alone, there are over 2,000 non-profit corporations, and 10 times that number throughout Iowa. I bought a very specific domain for marketing to non-profits.

In the US, there are 50 governors, 535 Congress critters, and 7,382 state legislators. I bought a very specific domain for marketing to politicians.

Because enough people call it 247Toolkit, I bought the domain today.

Domains are funny, because they're incredibly cheap, and if you know what to do, they're easy to setup. What you want is something memorable and meaningful to your purpose. I happen to own or manage 360 domains, so now I've got an executive account rep through GoDaddy. I like the personal service. It's helpful.

I have a couple of other potential sales at the new price point. If I can snare a few more sales in the next two weeks, I'll call that traction :)


by Brett Rogers, 11/22/2010 12:12:39 AM


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