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The Invisible Man


I've noticed something and asked a few women about it, but haven't received any real answers thus far - just shrugged shoulders.

If a woman in my office has a great boyfriend or is engaged or newly married, there's a picture of him on her desk. This is true for all three of the women who sit near me who fit this circumstance.

But if I survey the desks of the married women who have children, odds are far better that pictures of their children abound, but dear husband cannot be found. Not one picture.

There are notable exceptions to this, but I can think of only four married women with children in about twenty whose desks exhibit even one picture of their man.

Why is that?

Some of these women with invisible men seem happily married. One, who sits very near to me, speaks glowingly of her hubby. While her desk has no fewer than four pictures each of her two children, Don's photo is AWOL.

Or another woman, who is an amazing conversationalist, has about 10 pictures of her new baby, but none of her husband. And this is, unfortunately, the norm.

If I look at the desks of the taken men in the office, there are usually multiple pictures of their girlfriend/fiancee/wife, or at the least a good family photo. I can't think of one who doesn't have a picture of she who matters most to him.

So why is this different with women?


Tags: relationships
by Brett Rogers, 7/18/2005 6:06:29 AM


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