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No, Virginia. The President Can't Create Jobs.


President Obama has had literally trillions of dollars to spend and has had two years to do it, and unemployment remains at ridiculously high levels. That fact alone ought to disabuse anyone of the idea that a president can create jobs.

And I'm not picking on Obama here... that's across the board. There isn't a single president who can create jobs. Nor is there a governor who can create jobs. Nor is there a mayor who can create jobs.

Unless they're growing government, no one in government creates jobs. Saying otherwise is to insist that there truly is a Santa Claus.

Jobs are created when an entrepreneur takes a risk, works to create an attractive service or product for the market, and then sells it at a profit. When there are profits, that money can be used to hire someone and - tada! - a self-sustaining job is born.

Those in government take no risk, don't care whether the service or product is attractive, and profits don't drive the sustainability of the job. Government just forces us to pay more to it if there isn't enough money to sustain the job.

What a government can do is to create a risk-friendly environment for entrepreneurs to create jobs. By encouraging and rewarding risk, jobs can be created by risk-taking entrepreneurs.

Some presidents have been great at that, and others suck. In my lifetime, President Obama is the worst at it. In fact, he's just about doing everything he can to make taking the risk as frightening as possible to even the most resolute of entrepreneurial souls. This is why our economy can't get up off the ground.

And if you're reading this far, this is why I have been so adamantly opposed to President Obama all this time. He telegraphed his hatred of capitalist America in his campaign and throughout his presidency. He's spending a ton of money while killing the job-creating environment that produces the income that's taxed.

Can a president create jobs? No.
Can a president kill jobs? Oh yes. And Barack Obama excels at that.


by Brett Rogers, 10/7/2010 8:56:06 AM


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