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Who Cares about 30,000 People?


For all the libs out there who seem to think that the government can just snap its fingers and everyone magically receives health care, read about McDonald's contention with the newly minted ObamaCare regs.

If it remains law, ObamaCare will not only remove quality health care from the poor, it will bankrupt our children.

I rode in an elevator not long ago and two building maintenance guys were talking politics. I walked into the middle of their conversation.

"Yeah, I read about it happening in Detroit," one fella told his buddy. Then he leaned closer and cracked a big smile. "I'm gonna get my hands on some of that Obama money, yes I am."

"And if he runs out, he'll just print more!" his buddy chimed in.

"Yeah, man! He can do that!"

Super genius.

ETC: Not to mention the coming shortage of doctors, as forecast by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Obviously a racist institution, to look askance on the president's health care law as they do...

Of course, what financial incentive do folks have to enter medicine, when many of them expect their "workload will increase" and their "income to decrease." More work, less pay? Heck, you can manage that without the burden of hundreds of thousands in student loan debt.


by Brett Rogers, 9/30/2010 8:46:17 AM


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