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Straight Out of the Acme Manual


No jobs? Political seats to be lost? Never fear - the Super Genius has a plan!

Propose $50 billion in more stimulus - even though it failed the first time it was tried.

Here's the calculus:

  • Enough Republicans will vote for it because they'll be painted as obstructionists by the media if they don't, and because it allows them to throw some pork around.
  • Use the money to hire as many people as possible to prop up the jobs figures.
  • The media will go bonkers trying to cheerleader this thing into public euphoria.
  • It will fail, but it will only be shown to fail after the November elections, so it's okay, see...
As I've said, this election is not about the politicians. It's a massive test of the intelligence of the American people.


by Brett Rogers, 9/6/2010 11:15:58 AM


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