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What??? A Post?


Quick update...

If you've read the five or so previous posts from the last month, you know that I've been very busy on a project of big proportions for my client, Wells Fargo. While Home Mortgage has had various project tracking systems in the past, my current spate of work is to bring these systems together into a more coherent whole, so that upper management has one source of truth for managing all projects.

It's been a fun ride, although I do miss my life. But some good things will come of this, and one of those is introducing blogs to the project management cycle. In a series of conversations through the development of this tool, I suggested the use of blogging to help communication on a project. Since I wrote's blogging backbone from scratch, no problem - I'll just migrate it to WF's needs. And that's the feature of this whole implementation about which I'm most excited. The ability for group-blogging and comments in the workplace, with threads and categorization where needed. Hoo-wah!

So, I'll finish soon and resume life and painting and all will be great. And my present to myself for all this effort will be that cool painting sketchbox that I highlighted in a previous post.

Makes me giddy to think of it...


Tags: my life
by Brett Rogers, 7/13/2005 1:14:52 PM


Very cool sketchbox!!!! Is the WF thing almost done? You've been out of the loop, my friend. Well, so have I to be honest...lots going on.



Posted by Laura, 7/14/2005 4:05:22 PM

not related to the above , but I liked your comment at buzzmachine today!



Posted by chris muir, 7/16/2005 3:49:44 PM

Thanks Chris - love your cartoon, by the way. I need to link to you...



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 7/16/2005 8:25:30 PM

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