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Last April, MSNBC ran the above headline during a Contessa Brewer segment, proving that just because you graduated with a college degree doesn't mean you're smart.

Today, the New York Times channels that same intelligence.

The Arizona law - which Ms. Brewer signed in April and which, barring an injunction, takes effect July 29 - makes it a crime to be an illegal immigrant there.
Emphasis mine. Idiocy theirs.


by Brett Rogers, 7/12/2010 7:05:23 AM


Most of them seem to view illegal immigration as an administrative failure ... not generating the appropriate red tape ... like a child failing to get a vendor's license for her lemonade stand. Not a crime-crime, as Whoopi Goldberg might put it. And we all know only backwards, screwed up places like Texas or Arizona really care about forcing children to conform to federal law for their lemonade stands. It's not like we're talking about Rhode Island here.



Posted by Jonathan Adams, 7/13/2010 5:30:26 AM

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