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Joke, and No Joke


Joke: If Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi were stranded in a leaky boat in the Atlantic Ocean, who would be saved?

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No Joke: I saw a friend of mine last night who is a doctor.

"If ObamaCare passes, I'm quitting my practice."
People who still drive around with Obama bumper stickers are complete idiots.


by Brett Rogers, 3/18/2010 8:34:56 AM


What's sad is that there was already a significant number of medical professionals ending their careers because of Medicare controls, paperwork, financial losses, and frustration. I've known a few, personally. But when I've referred to that trend when arguing against further control of those who provide our health care, my adversaries don't believe that it's happening.

Not enough doctors are vocal about their complaints, and they don't make it personal. A GP making calls or sending cards to his patients pointing out that no so-called "right" to anything requires that someone else provide it ... that cultures that think so are rationalizing slavery ... and that they will cease working in the medical profession if the government continues to attempt to control the manner and terms in which they do so ... that might do something.

One way or another it'll help matters. Either directly ... people will figure out that "free health care" is only as good as the doctors and researchers still around to provide it ... or indirectly ... as we take a few more steps along the plot of a Rand novel and reduce the wait for the shrugging.



Posted by Jonathan Adams, 3/21/2010 10:56:41 AM

Last night, while discussing the disaster that is Obamacare (I refuse to call it reform as it is misleading), I had this exchange with a friend.

Friend - Well health care should be free for everyone.
Me - I just stared at the person, waiting for words that would add logic to back the statement. None came so I asked, who pays the doctors, the time they put in in medical school, the pharmaceutical companies who develop drugs, the companies who develop the medical equipment used by doctors?
Friend - The government.
Me - Where does government get money from?
Friend - Taxes.
Me - Well who pays taxes?
Friend - Went quiet, thought for a moment, then finally said people, corporations.
Me - So it isn't free then is it?
Friend - No, I guess not.
Me - Now that we agree it isn't free, do you think any massive entitlement program run by the government will be managed better than the private sector?
Friend - I don't think so.
Me - So it won't be free, it won't be managed better, so how can it be less expensive?
Friend - I don't know... Hmmmmm...

The Dems may have won the battle yesterday but in doing so they will lose the war. 2010 will be a repeat of 94 and President Obama will become Mr. Obama in 2012. See how he likes being out of the public sector for a change.



Posted by Pale Rider, 3/22/2010 11:24:46 PM

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