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My son, Tyler, came home yesterday and I had to tell him that he was right.

I was wrong... the Republicans, politicians from a party that haven't really stood for our rights and freedoms in a while, came to do their jobs yesterday at Obama's health care summit. They succeeded, and today, our nation is better for it.

Well, damn skippy.

I will say too that Obama's obvious arrogance was on display. I can never undervalue his ability to be a snobby jerk and to be thin-skinned.

Way to go, Republicans. Now that 56% of Americans believe the government stands in opposition to their rights, the Republicans have aligned themselves with the people.

That also dovetails nicely with the less-than-majority 44% who approve of the president.

Well done, and I am thrilled to be wrong.


by Brett Rogers, 2/26/2010 10:11:27 AM


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