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The Pitchfork in the Road for the Republican Party


Mitch McConnell announces that Republicans plan to group up with Obama and the Dems for the health care summit.

Paraphrased, McConnell announced that we're about to witness the tragic end of the Republican party.

Obama has no intention of listening to the Republicans. That's a given.

The media has no intention of giving favorable coverage to the Republicans. That's a given.

The Democrats' congressional leaders have no intention of letting their agenda go. That's a given.

The Republicans have very few among their ranks who can articulate principles based upon the constitution. That's a given.

Barring some miracle, I don't see how the Republicans, who really don't fight much for our individual rights and freedoms much as it is, will do anything but screw this up big time and throw themselves six feet into a hole to await the cascade of dirt we'll shower upon them after they screw it up.

So far, us in the cheap seats have successfully kept the juggernaut of socialism from arriving at the station. It certainly wasn't because of the Republican politicians in Washington. They wanted to work with the president and the Dems - until we beat them upside the head and told them not "No," but "Hell No!"

Now they're going to participate in Obama's reality game. Killer chess move from Barry O and company...

Unless the Republicans - to a member - are awesome and stalwart in their defiance in an unprecedented way, this is the end of the Republican party. They will either successfully defend our freedoms and our individual rights and thereby find the American people behind them in a way that they've only dreamt of, or I and millions of others will take part in the funeral procession.

Your move, McConnell.

ETC: Were the Republicans awesome and stalwart after all?

Maybe so... I'll check the rest of it later, but it's awfully hard to argue against Rep. Ryan's assertions - unless you're a socialist.


by Brett Rogers, 2/21/2010 9:25:33 PM


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