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2010 Action Plan


I have a mailing list of about 600 local tea party folks. I sent this to them yesterday.

What will the new year, 2010, bring to you?

If Obama and the Democrats continue to get their way, the new year will bring you more national debt, higher unemployment, increased government in your life, endless legislation and regulation...

I know that you don't want to allow that to happen. Fight back effectively and make a difference in 2010:

1) Find a Constitution-loving candidate for office that you can support and commit your family to volunteer for that candidate two to three hours per week from now until the election this coming November. Dad, Mom, kids... heck, have your dog wear signs in a parade. Be creative and find a way for everyone to get involved.

2) Give money monthly to support your candidate of choice. Elections take cash. Cash is your First Amendment in action. Cash given to the right candidates protects your freedom. We pay for Netflix every month. We pay for cable. We pay for dinner out - whether at McDonald's or Olive Garden. What is freedom worth to you? Ours is a representative government, and if you're not financially supporting those who will represent you - at least once a month - then you will lose your freedom to those who persist in the fight to take away your rights.

3) Attend a Constitutional seminar this year. I attended one put on by SOAR that was taught by an instructor from the National Center for Constitutional Studies. That day, 150 people walked into the seminar somewhat ignorant of our Constitution and by the evening, they walked out knowing it better than the so-called Constitutional Law professor now in the White House. It was the best $25 that I spent all year. We ought to have one running every month through 2010.

4) Spend your time with freedom-loving patriots. Everyone who fights socialist politicians are our friends and they deserve our support and alliance. No matter what their religion, background, status, career... the fight for freedom is a fight that can only be fought together. Allies don't have to be perfect. You just need to be able to work together toward a common goal, and that goal is freedom. Find a local group. Or start one of your own. Let me know if you need some direction - I'll be glad to help you get plugged in.

2010 can be the most patriotic year in the last century, or it can be the year that America slid away. Our children deserve the most free America we can pass on to them. Join me in making firm resolutions in this new year to be the most effective that we can be.


by Brett Rogers, 12/31/2009 9:53:56 AM


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