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The deepest quality of a work of art will always be the quality of the mind of the producer ...No good novel will ever proceed from a superficial mind.
-- Henry James


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Me, Paint, and the Seven Seas


Beatcanvas... part of the reason I named the web site that was to tell my journey through art. But, then the government interceded and made life harder and threatened my kids' future...

Anyway, in about 24 hours, I'll be boarding a big boat and heading to the Bahamas. The site will be chill during that time (unless PR wants to post something while I'm gone).

During that time, no computer for me. But I brought art supplies, so hopefully I'll get some painting done.

I hope you have a great Christmas with friends and family, in spite of the government coal being issued in the form of "health care" this holiday season.


by Brett Rogers, 12/19/2009 11:36:52 AM


Enjoy the trip! I too am going to take a hiatus from the internet. All that is coming down the pipe is total bullshit. Time to take a break, re-charge, and come back in 2010 swinging. Merry Christmas to all!



Posted by Pale Rider, 12/19/2009 9:45:58 PM

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