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Making of America


I'm here at the Making of America seminar with somewhere over 100 other folks. It's a day-long Constitutional history class. Pretty cool. (The picture is of people coming in to take their seat.)

To my left as I sit here is Casey Head and to my right is Iowa's next 3rd District congressman, Dave Funk.


ETC: The seminar is almost over, and I have to say that the learning I've had about the Constitution in the last 6 hours far exceeds anything I learned in all of public school.

The historical Democratic origins of the Constitution - from Publius to John Locke to Moses to many others - we're covering so much ground. The deep discussions between the Founders about why they made the decisions that they did. (I've learned, for example, that Alexander Hamilton was an ass.) And it's easy to see how far we have come from the wisdom of the Constitution.

Gary, our instructor, is superb. He comes to us through the National Center for Constitutional Studies, and was asked to do this by Jim Carley's group, Save Our American Republic.

What a fantastic day... we have so much work to do.


by Brett Rogers, 11/21/2009 9:40:20 AM


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