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247 is now out in the world, working its way through demos and discussions. No less than 4 people now have stepped forward in request to sell it on a pure commission basis. That has to say something about its viability in the market. (Or maybe it says something about the current market...)

But either way, it's moving ahead. Tomorrow, an extremely well-known politician in Iowa is getting a demo. I'm not involved in the demo, but this morning, I gave some deeper training to the person giving the demo. We'll see what happens.

The guy who's running against Leonard Boswell is now using it within his campaign. Think about this: politicians come up with fundraising targets, but not organizational targets. 247 can help them do just that. After all, it's about the people brought to the voting booth, not about the ads you buy. The ads can help persuade or dissuade people to go to the voting booth, but ultimately, it's about your network. In my mind, the size of your network matters. That's 247's arena - it's about how you engage your network.

I met with a guy this morning who is a super-connector here in Des Moines. He'll be using it to better manage his network - which is easily hundreds of people. Based on that conversation, I'm adding an enhancement. Small tweak, but significant in terms of usefulness. His portal for it will be up next week, as will two other politicians here in Iowa.

Two business accelerators here in Iowa are using it. More might come on board. We'll see. I'll know more in a week or so.

And then an important presentation tomorrow to a major corporation here in Iowa. It could really help their efforts, so I'm hoping that the product and the price are right for them.

As these presentations and discussions take place, I learn more about the need in the market. Listening... it's the great differentiator in business, I think. It's great if you can move mountains and persist in execution, but it doesn't matter at all if you're headed in the wrong direction. Gotta hear clearly what people want or it's all time wasted.

That's what I'm about to find out :)


by Brett Rogers, 9/28/2009 4:19:57 PM


Excellent - congratulations!



Posted by Jeff (, 9/28/2009 5:44:40 PM




Posted by Pale Rider, 9/30/2009 12:09:17 AM

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