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Private Attributes


About to go to bed, but wanted to take a minute... I'm tired and what I'm about to say will be meaningful to those who know me personally. Sorry to be confusing to those of you who don't...

The purpose of 247Toolset is to help the seeker reveal more about those searched. For example, we all sit next to someone at work who has done things in the company with which we're unfamiliar. "Oh - you worked on THAT project? Wow - I didn't know that." If you ever needed someone with that kind of experience, 247Toolset provides an answer and you can query for it easily.

We recently did a demo in front of a non-profit who asked us: "Can we, as admins, add confidential attributes, such as background check, that will only appear to us admins?"

This is one of the strengths of building a product and a company in this way. An off-the-cuff remark becomes a cool new feature in a matter of days. No committee necessary. No project requirements. Rapid. If I were a Fortune 100 company, this implementation of mine would have had to be checked off by all of the stakeholders, passed off to those with the proper roles, and then finally give to the developer. One month later... (or longer)

Instead, I just finished it at 1 AM. Woo hoo!

The non-profit also mentioned confidential comments for admins. I created that table today. Tomorrow, I build the interface. That leaves me with five to-do items to complete before our meeting on Tuesday. And with some testing, that's version 1.0 and we can start selling in earnest.

Version 1.1 will include engagement tracking. If v1.0 makes introductions, v1.1 will track the what, where, and when of the engagement and provide reporting for the engagement.

Version 1.2 will include the events calendar and subscription/saved search. Most of this is written already... just not fully integrated and tested.

We did get word that the non-profit is not interested in purchasing right now. They like it - a lot. But they're interested in the public version that they can use for free. We're not promoting that quite yet, but within a month, we will.

One foot in front of the other, says the King of Persistence.


by Brett Rogers, 9/18/2009 2:02:31 AM


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