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Pictures of Late, with Comments

A couple of days ago, Tamara and I went for a walk in our favorite cemetary. It has some significance for us because it was a few blocks from her house when we were dating, so we often took Dochas for a walk through it. Amidst lots of good conversation about life and death, it was one of the ways in which we got to know each other and became the best of friends. In fact, it was on our way to the cemetary that I first held her hand.

So, when we went back there last week, we took our dogs with us. Mojo, who seems to be making his debut here on beatcanvas, wasn't sure what to make of the pond or the geese near it. Here he is, running back to us, deciding that the fowl and the water weren't really his thing.

The Dorrells, Charles and Jeri, had to have it their way, right to the very end. (Tamara and I appreciated their uniqueness...)

Driving home, we saw this billboard of Lou Reed, declaring his geekness for art.

Now, this is a problem with some marketing companies. That billboard, and others like it around town, tell you absolutely nothing of what they advertise. In fact, I would bet that only about 5% of the population - if that - would even know that it was Lou Reed.

What's the point, even if you get that Lou Reed is a geek for art?

Well, down in the lower right corner, which you really can't read from your car unless you literally stop to read it carefully, is this:

Get it?

Yeah, whatever. This is where some marketing company came up with their slick campaign, hired a bunch of celebrities (Lou Reed, Brian Denehy, and others I don't know the names of), took cool pictures, and promoted the beauty of the campaign above the purpose of the message.

Further... it's not even That takes you to some cybersquatted domain. No, the red "i" in the lower right-hand corner is not an "i" at all. I'm not sure what it is.

The correct domain is:

Because of the red lettering in the "Igeekart," it suggests that the red line near the web site name is part of the domain name - but no. It's just kind of there. I guess.

Anyway, if the goal is to drive more people to the library, I'm a tad skeptical of its efficacy.

Then today we rode almost 30 miles on our bikes to Gray's Lake and Cumming, Iowa. We discovered once we arrived in Cumming that a biker was run off the road by a fella in a white pickup and killed. Rough...

And then on the way back, we saw this tree:

It's August. Leaves are changing already. Today's high was 67. Global warming? No, no... global cooling. Al Gore needs to update his slideshow.

And then tonight, it's the Sunday brainstorming session for us in the conservative grassroots. A local commercial real estate owner with some vacant property is giving us office space to use for our meetings - for free!

No doubt he's being deeply compensated for his gift by insurance companies. I mean, why else would anyone give of their resources to help restore liberty in America?

by Brett Rogers, 8/30/2009 5:39:27 PM


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