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World's Greatest Office


Being self-employed, I get to work from home. My "office" is a make-shift construction every morning that sits in our family room off our kitchen. I take my artist's table, which is foldable (a gift from my very thoughtful wife), put it on top of the anti-static mat, bring out the chair, and thus set up shop each day.

You can see our dog, Mojo, in the left corner of the picture. Between him and Dochas, our Schnauzer, and the view out the sliding glass door, it's ideal.

And then when I let them outside every once in a while, I get to see this:

Now if only my wife could join me at home... of course, I might not spend as much time in my "office," but then - where's the problem with that?


by Brett Rogers, 8/27/2009 2:06:36 PM


What kind of dog is Mojo?



Posted by Pale Rider, 8/28/2009 5:24:34 PM

Mojo is a Goldendoodle, which is a mix of poodle and golden retriever. Absolutely wonderful demeanor and no shedding!



Posted by Brett Rogers (, 8/29/2009 8:29:32 AM

Wow no shedding must be nice. Our collie sheds hair by the pound. I've brushed enough out of him this summer to weave a nice winter coat. LOL.

Looks like a great, relaxing office! Sure beats the corporate cube!



Posted by Pale Rider, 8/29/2009 8:55:25 PM

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