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Aborted Expectations


Via Instapundit:

"On Nov. 4, the hope and happiness seemed boundless for supporters of President-elect Barack Obama, leading some to speculate, with a wink and a nod, that in nine months there would be a virtual Obama baby boom - a celebratory uptick in the national birthrate. But now, 40 weeks later - the average human gestation period - MSNBC is reporting the prediction has largely been nothing more than, well, false hope."
I'm guessing that enough people saw the debt explosion headed toward today's children and decided that it was better to wait and see how it all turned out.

Here's a bit of marketing advice: when your product has people bragging about you, the maker, that's okay, but usually temporary. Where it really has legs is when people can instead brag about what they're able to do with your product. Then it's about them, and people love to talk about themselves.

The major flaw in all of this Obama-ness is that fact that it's not at all about people doing more with greater efficiency, greater productivity, greater resourcefulness than before. Instead, we're all just supposed to celebrate Obama-ness. Yawn. Buying a poster and hanging it in your room never made anyone better for it.

I would have loved to see Obama storm into office and work damn hard to provide us with greater liberty. Americans are a resourceful lot. It's how we became who we are - the greatest nation on the planet.

But we got a guy who instead apologizes for our greatness, hates on business and enterprise, concerns himself with trying to make our decisions for us, and frankly screws up a lot.

Swing and a miss.


by Brett Rogers, 8/11/2009 11:05:53 PM


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