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I'm not a community organizer. I don't want to be a politician. My realm, where I thrive, is the realm of ideas and action. I love solutioning.

It might seem like I would enjoy government, then. Some people might say that government is a realm of ideas and actions. We certainly have a lot of people who fancy themselves "solutioners."

The difference is that if I have an idea and act to make it reality, it's your choice to take part in what I've created. Only if it helps you are you attracted to it.

If a politician or someone else associated with the government has an idea and acts to make it reality, they can require you to take part in what they've created. They can make you pay for it as a "service." It doesn't matter what your opinion of it is - you're stuck with it.

There is no freedom of choice in a government solution.

So we have all of these government solutioners working hard to create solutions in Washington. Because they can mandate my participation, I now have to devote part of my life to being their watchdog. I have to work to become a community organizer. I have to get involved in politics. They're creating too many requirements of me and my family, now and further down the road, to feel secure to pursue my dreams as I otherwise might.

When the government forces me to do something I don't choose to do, it's a form of tyranny. The etymology of tyranny is the Greek turannia, which conveys rule by one who is a leader in battle. And that's about it... I'm in a fight, whether I chose this fight or not is immaterial.

It pisses me off that I'm pulled into this fight instead of being free to pursue my life and its natural course of interests. There are far better things to do than to cast off parasites.


by Brett Rogers, 8/8/2009 10:38:21 PM


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